Small PVC Wall Trim Kit

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Reduce the hassle of cutting tin or aluminum to wrap your rough opening with this PVC wall trim kit.

This wall mount dog door trim kit will provide a professional installation appearance while saving you installation time and your canine companions safe entry and exit when they pass through the "tunnel" as this covers the rough opening's edges.

 The PVC Wall Trim Kit is a for a WALL application for  Small Heavy Duty Dog Door and/or the Small Easy Dog Door.  

The small pet door kit is constructed of 3/8" thick PVC specifically designed and made for a wall application up to 7.0" thick. 

Opening required: 9-5/8" x 14-1/2"

NOTE: If your wall thickness exceeds our 7.0" dimension, give us a call for other solutions.

 Easy Installation

You only need to fasten this dog door for walls to the mounting surface with 8 total screws.