Medium/Large Guillotine Dog Door Closure

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The guillotine dog door closure system allows you to block the pet's access to the inside or outside.

We recommend the guillotine dog doors versus the drop-in closure kit for colder, northern climates or for customers who have the extra height above the dog door as they're a convenient way to store the dog kennel door panel when not in use.

  • Can be operated with cable and pulley system (not included) without entering the kennel
  • Fits Heavy Duty Dog Door & Easy Dog Door 
  • Can be installed on any surface
  • 3/8” x 14” x 20”  Polypropylene Panel 
  • Sliding channels made of Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum
  • This dog kennel door replacement is perfect for multi-dog and kennel facilities
  • Our dog kennel replacement parts are made in the USA


Installation Instructions:

Uses 8 screws to connect metal channels along side of door opening.

Opening required is 12.5" x 17.5" (Note: If using in conjunction with our dog door or Trim Kit, you need to follow the recommended opening sizes)

Once channels are secured to surface, the dog door closing panel slides down into channel to prevent use of door. 

*Cable and pulley system is not included with the guillotine door dog kennel kit, as the length of cable needed varies greatly per client application.