Big Dog Door™

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This large dog door fits big dogs up to 200+ lbs.

Heavy Duty Dog Door Details:

  • Unique Two-Way Design
  • Aluminum Frame
  • ¼” Clear Acrylic Chew-Proof Panel
  • Heavy Duty Spring Hinges
  • Weather-Tight and  Energy-Efficient
  • Door Frame Size: 18" x 28""
  • Door Opening Size: 16-1/2" x 25-1/2"
  • Lifetime Warranty includes chewing
  • Made in the USA!

Easy to Install Dog Doors for Big Dogs

  • Dog Door for Large Dogs with Hardware Included: Only 2 Screws Needed
  • Rough Opening required: 16-1/2” x 25-1/2” (Note: if you're using our Trim Kit, you must follow that recommended opening size of 17-1/4" x 26-1/4")

Where to create the Opening:

  • Measure the distance from the ground to the lowest part of the dog's chest
  • Subtract 2"
  • This is where the opening will start and go up 25-1/2" from that spot OR determine the height off the ground given a 25-1/2" opening where your dog will not have to duck down or jump over to use the door.