Gun Dog Heavy Duty Dog Door with Wall Trim Bundle

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Gun Dog House Door Inc now offers our well known product in a BUNDLE:

This dog door wall kit Bundle consists of 1 Gun Dog Heavy Duty Dog Door®, a Wall PVC Trim Kit, and a Drop-In Closing Panel Kit

  • Heavy Duty Dog Door®: Our flagship product, the Heavy Duty Dog Door® is made to serve dogs of many sizes but recommended for dogs in the 20 to 120 pound range. With the diecast aluminum frame and the ¼ inch plexiglass panel this wall pet door will be the last door you ever have to buy. You and your pet will find these gun dog doors are virtually indestructible.
  • PVC Wall Trim Kit: It covers the raw edge on a cut wall, and provides a flat surface for any wall to make mounting your Gun Dog House Door products safe and secure. It fits a wall thickness of 4" to 7.0".
  • M/L Closing Panel Kit: keep your pet from entering or leaving, this 1/4" polypropylene panel slides inside a double track aluminum channel.
  • OUR GOAL: Providing you with a heavy duty doggie door for walls that will last many years, we know you have a four legged best friend that needs to go outside or back to his or her kennel without you always having to be there. We have managed to make a pet door for walls that will withstand the elements from the weather and chew-proof and we back it with our 10 Year NO QUESTIONS ASKED Warranty policy.
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